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4107’s transformation begins….

We embark on our Museum Bus project!

Bulletin #1 – October 22nd, 2023

During the Summer, our mechanics inspected 4107. We drove it out to several events to see how it behaved itself on the road. The consensus was that it would be a good candidate for conversion to our second Mobile Museum bus.

These past two weekends, TMS volunteers began to remove the seats from the bus. Jason Sharpe, the project leader for the conversion was also instrumental in bypassing the coolant hoses from the onboard heaters. These have been troublesome, and prone to leaking. Since the coach will primarily be travelling to events in the summer, we decided to bypass the heaters rather than repairing them. (The driver’s heat will remain functional, however!)

(Below: TMS Volunteers Kyle Little (l) and Milan Streit (r) remove the seats from GM ‘Fishbowl’ 4107 in preparation for conversion to our Mobile Museum bus.)

A room with luggage on the floor

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