Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Transit Museum Society!

There are multiple opportunities to contribute to the Society and its current projects and ongoing operations. You don’t have to be a current or former transit or transport industry employee to volunteer for us. As long as you’re passionate about public transit and how it shaped our province over the years, you’re good to go!

To minimize liability and gain access to all membership perks essential to volunteering for the Society, all current and prospective volunteers must be current registered members of the Society. Not a member yet? Membership expired? Click here to register or renew!

What you can do:

Volunteers can use their specific strengths and experiences to help support the Museum in a variety of ways:

Bus Operators are responsible for taking our buses to and from community events and media rentals, and driving them on tours, charters and excursions. Operators may also be required to operate the bus for certain events, whether it be as a shuttle or for an event that takes place on board.
Prospective bus operators must provide the following to be considered for this position:
– A valid British Columbia Class 2 commercial driver’s license AND on-highway air brake endorsement
– A Driver’s Abstract (i.e., a copy of your driving record obtained from ICBC)
Prospective bus operators must possess the following assets (don’t worry, we’ll teach you if you don’t):
– Ability to drive vehicles with unsynchronized (“crash box”) manual transmissions
– Previous experience in driving full-sized buses, Class A motorhomes or similar vehicles
– Previous experience in driving electric trolley buses
Operators will be given orientations on each bus to allow for familiarization with the fleet. Operators who have never driven a vehicle with an unsynchronized manual transmission or a trolley bus will receive training on the unique operation of these vehicles. Please note that the Society will keep a copy of your driver’s license and abstract on file.

Bus Mechanics are responsible for the maintenance and restoration of our vintage fleet. Duties may include inspection, regular maintenance, preventative maintenance, repairs, test drives and assistance with the restoration of any project vehicles we may have.
Prospective bus mechanics must possess:
– Good working mechanical knowledge
– Experience working on motor vehicles, especially heavy commercial vehicles
– Familiarity with vintage vehicles, vintage electric vehicles and manufacturers we deal with is an asset
Certifications are not required to volunteer in this position, but a Diesel Engine Mechanic or Truck and Transport Mechanic certification is recommended.

Public Relations Representatives are responsible for attending community events to represent the Society and interact with guests.
Prospective PR representatives must possess:
– Good interpersonal and communication skills
– A friendly, outgoing personality
– Ability to proficiently speak English
– Ability to speak multiple languages is an asset
Don’t worry if you aren’t too knowledgeable about the history of transit in B.C. You will learn a lot about it when you volunteer for the Society.

Volunteers are able to take on multiple positions so there’s no problem if you want to drive, work on buses and represent us at events. We are also looking for general volunteers to help us with various tasks in our facility in Burnaby. The bulk of costs and all work in preserving, operating and maintaining our fleet of beautiful old buses rely on volunteers, so no matter what you’d like to help with and whether your help is occasional or more regular, all volunteers are ever so welcome!

If you’re a mechanic and don’t have the time to be at our shop on a regular basis, there might be opportunities to get involved on a “project basis.” Let us know in your submission email and we’ll let you know about all the opportunities we have for you!

Be sure to list all roles you’re interested in and tell us what you have to offer to the Society!

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