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A Sunny Saturday in Steveston

We had a beautiful fall day for our visit to the Steveston Interurban. 748 guests crossed our doorstep. Always good to have 730 with us, so many more talking point aboard, and many people asking good questions.  Parked on One Road just north of Moncton, with many bus operators coming on board to check us out.

Lawrence Walker

It was a sunny Saturday October 7th when our Museum bus #730 visited Steveston. We were invited to attend the Steveston Heritage Sites’ (Tram) Culture Days. The focus was its Interurban, #1220, and the secrets behind its restoration.

As part of Culture Days 2023, we welcome a special visit from a 1957 vintage bus courtesy of the Transit Museum Society. This is an extra-special bus, not only because of its age, but because it is also a mobile museum that showcases the transit history of BC, including Interurban trams like Tram Car 1220.

Steveston Tram

Above, the TMS Crew: Top, from the left: Ethan Enns, Sue Walker, Lawrence Walker, Anthony Sherst, Frances He, Isaac Tam and Jacquie Sherst. (Front Row) Jacob Rubin, Ewen Streit, Martin Wu and Maxwell Chang

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