2040 at VTC in preparation for 75th Anniversary





1937 Hayes ‘Teardrop’ prepared for scrapping


Not #63! But our second bus, #58. Reluctantly, we sent it for scrap after removing parts.  Space constraints meant  we had nowhere to store it. As you can see it was in very rough shape.

 Triesel #2649 test drive

#4276 Goes out on a test drive.

#3334 1982 Flyer D901A

Bryan & Alex tell of the maintenance completed on our 1982 Flyer D901A.


#9753 (1996 D40LF, ex BC Transit & TransLink).

Our latest addition to our fleet! Take a ride around our parking lot. Principal videography: Matthew Walker. Additional videography and editing: Michael Taylor-Noonan. Thanks to our driver, Richard Dyer!


Olympic Line (Delivery of Vehicles, Cab-Ride)


#4612, General Motors 1964 ‘Fishbowl’ 

#2416: How the speed is controlled

Setting up a ‘new trip’ on a Cubic farebox.

In the days before Compass and its Driver Control Unit, Operators used this ODI to set up the Cubic farebox for a new trip.

BCER…Then & Now (Excerpt)

Ken Hogdson’s 1948-9 colour film of Vancouver’s interurbans and streetcars. This is an excerpt, pending the release of a remastered edition of the complete film reels.


#678 1957 GM TDH4512

Newly acquired #678 is taken outside for a wash. Affectionally known as the “Beach Bus” because of the copious amounts of sand and road grit that had accumulated at the back of the bus — it had been missing its back mud flap for many years. Driving the fork-lift is the Late, and much missed, Harry Vagg.




Progress Report (Excerpt, 1948)

A progress report on the BC Electric’s $50-million modernization and expansion program. This short excerpt focuses on the transit system improvements — the remaining part detailed the expansion of the generating network.


Going to Town (1948)


Up to $14-million of the total postwar modernization expenditure was allocated to transit improvements. The BC Electric produced this examination of the challenges of operating a transit system in Vancouver.


On the Spot (1948)

BC Electric promotional film about its transit operations