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Sunday 8th January was the rescheduled Christmas Lunch (and ‘Secret Santa’ ) at our Langley shop. It had been postponed from December 18th due to severe weather. Lunch was generously provided by Bryan & Rhonda Larrabee, partly as a “thank-you” to the shop crew who helped with our recent move, and partly because, well,  Bryan & Rhonda are  just great guys! Thank you, Larrabees!

In attendance: (Clockwise around the table from bottom), Matthew Walker, with back to camera, Milan Streit, Sue & Lawrence Walker, Richard Dyer, Savannah Dewolf, Rob Chew, Bryan Larrabee, Angus Macintyre, Jason Sharpe, Trevor Batstone and Rhonda Larrabee. Camera-shy: Michael Taylor-Noonan and Aaron Meier

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  1. Thank you thank you Rhonda and Bryan for the wonderful lunch and the secret santa.
    You both do so much for us. It was so good to see everyone and share a wonderful lunch together

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