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Mechanical work on 4107 continues…

This past Sunday (17th March 2024) Sean Keating, Kyle Little and Jason Sharpe removed the front wheels of 4107. They’ll repack bearings and inspect brake drums and suspension.

Sean Keating instructs Kyle on removing wheel nuts

A person working on a tire

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Kyle Little uses a locking axle nut wrench to allow removal of 4107’s front wheel

A group of men looking at a tire

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Jason Sharpe and Kyle Little remove the front wheel, and Sean shows Kyle how to inspect the drum

A person looking at a wheel

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While archiving some documents I came across these notes:

A piece of paper with writing

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The pages describe 730’s (as UPF 642) few months on its last assignment in Maple Ridge (after service in Powell River and Mission). That was 1987, and really, nothing has changed. It does reinforce our decision to convert 4107 as a second museum bus to handle most of our outreach program!

A close up of a handwritten letter

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A yellow bus parked in a parking lot

You talking’ ‘bout me? (John Day photo)

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