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Dashcam with a difference

BlackBoxMyCar is a local Richmond, BC company specializing in dashcams. They kindly donated two units for us to install on our buses. We’ve produced a short video about them and the installation, which was performed by our Electrician, Jason Sharpe.

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2 thoughts on “Dashcam with a difference

  1. So this is great of course, good work by all. & thanks for the donation. However should the front facing camera have been placed a bit lower down, and perhaps a touch to the left? That way when it’s raining, the wiper clears the rain off – and we can see better…. The camera should have a clear view when the wipers are off, not moving and not blocking the camera… 🤔

    1. Jason would know more, but I believe we discussed the wiper position beforehand and came up with this compromise position as the wiper limit changed with them being on.

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