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A Quiet Sunday…

It was a quiet Sunday; Matthew and Lawrence tidied up a few of our destination blinds. Recently they had unearthed a vintage Winnipeg roll. It’s in very good condition. Angus has been in touch with his contacts at Manitoba Transit Heritage Association to see if they are interested. (Photo: Editor)

Trevor Batstone drove TDH4519 #4612 over to fuel up. Lawrence did a quick calculation of its diesel consumption: 7.9 miles per gallon or in today’s language 35 litres per 100 km. Which is impressive for a vehicle of its age. (Photo: Matthew Walker)

The TMS crew headed by Sue Walker (and TDH4512 #730) will be at David Lam Park in Vancouver for “The BIg Picnic” next Saturday, April 1st. The event runs from 10am till 4.30pm. Stop by and say hello!

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