Canadian Car-Brill Bus Front Emblem (Silver Coloured Restoration)


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This is a genuine badge from the front of a Vancouver trolleybus — but as it was in very bad rusty condition, we decided to partially restore it. Missing is the colored enameling, it is now a uniform silver color.  (If you wish a badge in original condition, we do offer these for sale from time to time.)

The J.G. Brill Company manufactured trams/streetcars, interurban coaches, motor buses, trolleybuses and railroad cars in the United States for almost ninety years; it was the longest lasting trolley and interurban manufacturer. The company was founded by John George Brill in 1868 as a horsecar manufacturing firm in Philadelphia. Over the years it absorbed numerous other manufacturers of trolleys and interurbans such as Kuhlman in Cleveland and Jewett in Indiana. In 1944, with business diminishing, it merged with the American Car and Foundry Company (ACF) to become ACF-Brill. In the same year, ACF-Brill licensed Canadian Car and Foundry (CCF) of Montreal to manufacture and sell throughout Canada motor buses and trolley coaches of their design as Canadian Car-Brill or CCF-Brill. The firm built about 1,100 trolley buses and a few thousand buses under the name.

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