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Day Five…

A bus parked in a parking lot Description automatically generated with medium confidence Here we are…. Day 5. The remaining coaches are driven to their new home in Langley. (2805 will be the sole occupant of Roseberry until it is trailered out to Rosedale on Monday.) Trevor drove #730 out to Langley. “It was a lovely, sunny, Saturday morning drive.  The motor in that baby sings real nice on the road,” says Trevor. Probably no-one is more surprised by that than Lawrence. He wondered what the effect of being piled high with documents and archives would be on its pulling power.

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(Photos by Trevor Batstone/Sue Walker) The remaining drivable coaches were driven out to Langley. All made the journey successfully with no issues reported. (Remainder of photos: Bryan or Rhonda Larrabee.)

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Eric Webster, Lawrence, Jason and Alex discuss strategy before moving in the next coach. A bus parked in a parking garage Description automatically generated with low confidence

Bryan Larrabee: “Yesterday Jason and I took the Triesel (#2649) out to the new shop.  We were concerned with the probability that there is a transmission leak on that bus, so I bought some ATF to take on the trip.  Richard pre-tripped the bus for us, took it around Roseberry for a short warm up and added a half liter of ATF.  We drove the bus to the Flying J on Annacis Island to fuel it up and Jason checked the transmission level.  It was at full.  We drove the route that Trevor suggested, through New Westminster, over the Mary Hill By-pass and through Coquitlam over the Golden Ears Bridge.  No hills and I was able to keep it at 60 km/hr or less all the way.  We successfully made it to the Langley shop and when Jason checked the transmission, the ATF lever was at add.  I logged the odometer reading at the Flying J but forgot to check it in Langley, but I will do it this week. The bus ran great, steering was fine and braking was good.  The bus obviously leaks ATF when running.  We backed into the service bay at door #1.”

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“Don’t you forget about me….” #4612 at Roseberry.

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Our active coaches await their turn to be parked indoors.

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“Well, that was easy.” 35 footers alongside 40’ Brill coaches.

Below: They’re all in! (Photos: Lawrence Walker.)


A firetruck parked in a garage Description automatically generated with low confidence “All by myself…” #2805 looks lonely at the now almost-deserted Roseberry warehouse. The facility will be demolished to make way for an extension to the Flower distribution complex. And, as a bonus, we have Angus’ video of 2416 leaving Roseberry… click thumbnail to play.

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Day Four … The move is almost complete!

Day Four…

#2416 arrives, buses moved around. The previous tenant laid rubber mats on the floor. When they removed them, adhesive residue remained. These provided guidelines for lining up the vehicles. The new shop will allow more buses to be accessible, rather than having to stage vehicles in anticipation of their use. We can see Hayes #63 parked temporarily in the area we have designated a service bay (Door #1). The space will be occupied by Triesel #2649 when it arrives (hopefully! Check that transmission oil level!) on Saturday. It and #9753, #4612 and #730 will also be driven out. (Pictures courtesy of Bryan Larrabee and Trevor Batstone.

Although it doesn’t look like it, we will have shelving space to spare. This despite having to cut-down (Alex, thank you) the shelf uprights from 12ft to 8ft to confirm to a local by-law. Some redundant and duplicate spares were disposed of rather than being moved.

Other items will be sold in a garage sale on Sunday. We even got mentioned in the Burnaby Now!

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Day Three

Day Three…and more deliveries.

Mundie’s brought out CD52A #3405, Hayes #63 and Fageol M852. Trolleycoach #2416 stayed overnight with Mundie’s and will be delivered Friday. Slated for the trip Saturday are the remaining coaches at Roseberry: 2649, 9753, 4612 & 730. Bryan was worried that there wouldn’t be enough room for the Triesel, but it looks as though we can fit the planed eight buses in Langley. To complete the picture: 3106, 3404, 3334, 4107 & 2040 are in Deroche. 678 and 4276 are in temporary storage in Rosedale.

(#3405 loaded at Roseberry/Milan Streit) (Arrival at Langley/Trevor Batstone)

A person standing next to a bus

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(It’s a tight squeeze! Lawrence slips #3405 into position/Bryan Larrabee)

(#2416 loaded/Ron Hoskyn)
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(Hayes #63 arrives at its new home/Bryan Larrabee)

(Fageol #M852 at Langley/Trevor Batstone)

I’d like to thank Sue, Bryan, Trevor and Ron for their photos – there are more I couldn’t fit in. We’ll publish those in the next newsletter. Above, Lawrence, Trevor and Jason at Langley, Ron is behind the camera.

Oh and the last delivery? Well, Bryan wanted to check to see if we have mail at the “Ninja House”. The postie opened the door and asked who we were before delivering a letter mailed by Bryan. We do not have a mailbox though, so please don’t mail anything – Canada Post doesn’t deliver on Sundays.

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Day Two!

Day two… more pallets delivered by Angus. Evan & Alex maneuvered the fork lift to stack them on the shelves. Alex and Jason S. erected and secured shelving aided by Alex’s son, Eddie. It was “take your child to work” day. Eddie was a fast learner and eager worker! Five alarm companies have now visited our warehouse and will prepare quotations for a security system.

Due to very heavy traffic and accident on the Alex Fraser Bridge, we were unable to complete a second delivery. It will have to wait until the morning. Also tomorrow (Thursday), Mundies will bring two buses over, followed by two more on Friday. They will also take office bus #2805 to Rosedale on Monday. Also on Thursday, Bryan took #4612 for its CVIP inspection. It will be used as a backup coach for our Christmas Lights Tours.

Below, Sean & Milan continue to do sterling work at Roseberry loading pallets, while Jason anchors some shelving at Langley. Alex & Jason unload a work-bench. (Pictures: Bryan Larrabee, Michael Taylor-Noonan.)

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Movin’ on out to Langley… Day One


It’s day one of our move to Langley! Angus drove three trips with our rented truck from Roseberry where Sean & Milan loaded pallets. At the Langley end, Lawrence, Alex, and Jason S. unloaded. Bryan had “official” duties such as a walk-through with the landlord, meeting with a locksmith, and then assembled shelving with your author.

Despite a late start because the previous tenant hadn’t fully moved out, all of us were pleased with the progress of our move so far. It’s going to be a tight squeeze fitting everything into our new shop, there are still discussions about where to store everything to maximize our storage space. Onto Day Two!

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Volunteer Appreciation

What better way to thank all our volunteers for a successful summer season of public engagement than a BBQ! Not just for the hosts, but drivers and our mechanics too! That’s what happened on Sunday September 25th; it was organized by Sue & Lawrence Walker. (Lawrence is our Events Coordinator, but in reality, it appears to be a “co-Events Coordinator”) Wife Sue seems to provide the “muscle” – not literally, but (as many of us volunteers can attest), the asking, persuading, gentle cajoling to make things happen. And while the Board approved spending of some Society funds for the BBQ, in the end very little was necessary as Sue got donations of food from Save-On-Foods and No-Frills. We thank both organizations.

Lawrence & Sue Walker thank some of our volunteers at the Appreciation BBQ on Sunday, September 25th at our Roseberry shop.

Watch for more photographs in the next edition of our newsletter, The TMS Transfer.