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Day Six


It’s Day 6. Time for a garage sale. Our sales team of Savannah Dewolf, Rhonda Larrabee, Thomas Westlake and leader Sue Walker welcomed buyers to our Roseberry shop. There were bus stop flags, destination blinds, assorted books and other transit miscellanea. (Pictures by Bryan Larrabee/Sue Walker)

Savannah & Rhonda count the proceeds….

The result?

That’s $4126! Well done crew!

The office bus is moved outside ready for pickup by Mundie’s and a trip to Rosedale. The end of a most successful operation… a big “thank you” to all!

3 thoughts on “Day Six

  1. The weather was a mixed bag but that did not stop this garage sale.
    This garage sale was a great success due to my wonderful team who volunteered to help.
    I would like to thank
    Matthew, Thomas, Savannah, Rhonda, for manning the tables and wow.. You all did a fantastic job.. this really helped me to engage with a few people..This garage sale would not have been such a success with out your help.
    Angus and Aaron who rolled out the destination rolls so that people could get an idea how long some of these destination rolls really are.
    We had the space and boy oh boy was that a game changer
    The destination rolls sold very quickly. I am still getting people asking for different items as they were unable to get to the sale that day.
    We also had a gentleman that was removing our large compressor … thank you Sean and Richard for helping him with this large task.
    I would also like to thank John Strait
    from CKNW radio station for the mention of the garage sale and acknowledgement of the Transit Museum Society.
    I would also like to thank Laura from the Burnaby Now News paper that helped spread the word about the garage sale and the Transit Museum Society
    I would also like to give a BIG THANKS to my hubby Lawrence for putting up with me ..
    Thank you everyone for making this garage sale and this move a reality.
    It has been challenging at times, but we all stuck together as a team and made it happen.

  2. I would also like to thank Milan Strait and Stephen Van city for their continueous hard work in spreading the word and sharing the Transit Museum Society on instagram and twitter and all the other transit museum friends that share pictures and stories.

  3. It was a great sale. We loved looking at the memorabilia (and purchased a few items). It was also nice to converse with other transit enthusiasts!

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