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Day Four … The move is almost complete!

Day Four…

#2416 arrives, buses moved around. The previous tenant laid rubber mats on the floor. When they removed them, adhesive residue remained. These provided guidelines for lining up the vehicles. The new shop will allow more buses to be accessible, rather than having to stage vehicles in anticipation of their use. We can see Hayes #63 parked temporarily in the area we have designated a service bay (Door #1). The space will be occupied by Triesel #2649 when it arrives (hopefully! Check that transmission oil level!) on Saturday. It and #9753, #4612 and #730 will also be driven out. (Pictures courtesy of Bryan Larrabee and Trevor Batstone.

Although it doesn’t look like it, we will have shelving space to spare. This despite having to cut-down (Alex, thank you) the shelf uprights from 12ft to 8ft to confirm to a local by-law. Some redundant and duplicate spares were disposed of rather than being moved.

Other items will be sold in a garage sale on Sunday. We even got mentioned in the Burnaby Now!

2 thoughts on “Day Four … The move is almost complete!

  1. You’re doing a great job showing us the progress of the move.
    Thank you

  2. Thanks to everyone that did all the heavy work

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