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Day Two!

Day two… more pallets delivered by Angus. Evan & Alex maneuvered the fork lift to stack them on the shelves. Alex and Jason S. erected and secured shelving aided by Alex’s son, Eddie. It was “take your child to work” day. Eddie was a fast learner and eager worker! Five alarm companies have now visited our warehouse and will prepare quotations for a security system.

Due to very heavy traffic and accident on the Alex Fraser Bridge, we were unable to complete a second delivery. It will have to wait until the morning. Also tomorrow (Thursday), Mundies will bring two buses over, followed by two more on Friday. They will also take office bus #2805 to Rosedale on Monday. Also on Thursday, Bryan took #4612 for its CVIP inspection. It will be used as a backup coach for our Christmas Lights Tours.

Below, Sean & Milan continue to do sterling work at Roseberry loading pallets, while Jason anchors some shelving at Langley. Alex & Jason unload a work-bench. (Pictures: Bryan Larrabee, Michael Taylor-Noonan.)

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