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Movin’ on out to Langley… Day One


It’s day one of our move to Langley! Angus drove three trips with our rented truck from Roseberry where Sean & Milan loaded pallets. At the Langley end, Lawrence, Alex, and Jason S. unloaded. Bryan had “official” duties such as a walk-through with the landlord, meeting with a locksmith, and then assembled shelving with your author.

Despite a late start because the previous tenant hadn’t fully moved out, all of us were pleased with the progress of our move so far. It’s going to be a tight squeeze fitting everything into our new shop, there are still discussions about where to store everything to maximize our storage space. Onto Day Two!

1 thought on “Movin’ on out to Langley… Day One

  1. Reality has finally caught up with us. Here we go…
    i would like to THANK Everyone for all the hard work you are doing and continue to do.
    It will be nice when we are all moved in and then we can all take a break.
    We can then take our time in sorting …
    Thank you for all who are taking the time to get great pictures, and do the blog to show us all what is happening.
    I Look forward to the next instalment of

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